What are the best video settings for CS: GO game?

What are the best video settings for CS: GO game?

If you want to enjoy CS: GO on your computer then it is important that you look forward to taking the help of the best graphics. If you own an old computer or facing problems with the graphics in the game, then you need to change some settings. Just by making minor and easy changes, it can be possible for you to enjoy the game in the best way.

Most beginners don’t even know that changing a few settings can make a boost in their performance. If you want to stay serious in gaming, then you need to focus on all things. The cool graphics can make you more interested and less fatigued while playing the game. If you are looking for the best cs go video settings, then here are the best ideas for you.

Brightness and aspect ratio

For the maximum FPS, you need to select the brightness which is comfortable for you. No one is interested in playing games with high brightness and that’s why you shouldn’t keep the brightness to high. It can strain your eyes faster and you might get tired easily. Make sure that the brightness isn’t too low otherwise the game won’t look dull. The aspect ratio should be 16:9 as it is preferred by most of the gamers. If you aren’t comfortable with it, then you can also choose any of your favorite aspect ratios.

Color and display mode

The color of the game plays a major role and that’s why you should choose the appropriate color mode as per your computer monitor. You need to opt for fullscreen display mode because it will improve your game performance. The bigger display can improve your gaming and that’s why you shouldn’t reduce it ever. One of the other cs goes video settings are keeping low global shadow and disabled power savings of your laptop.